9 Fun Fall Things to Do in New England

I love living in New Elgnald there are so many fun things to do and so many places you can go. I always say you can be at the ocean in 45 minutes or the mountains in an hour or so. This is uniquely New England. There are also hundreds of fun things you can do in any state or area. For example, new England has a brewery trail. You could explore the New England brewery trail and areas you might not have been to before. There are many unique places to apple pick, take photos in a Sunflower field, and head to Salem to take a ghost tour. How fun would it be to get lost in a field of sunflowers? Take photos with your family or friends! Find some of the best breweries in New England and sample the best beer out there. Also, it would be fun to learn the spooky history of New England. Below I am sharing the complete list.

9 Fun Fall Things to Do in New England

9 Fun Fall Things to Do in New England:

Topsfield Fair: The Topsfield Fair is a fun local fair located in Topsfield, MA. The Topsfield Fair runs for 11 days from the end of September through the first week of October. You can go on rides, visit farm animals, explore the baked goods competition, concerts, and more at the Topsfield Fair.

The Big E– Is a Massive try state Fair. There are so many amazing things to do and see. There are Rides, games, concerts, butter sculptures, State houses for all the New England states ( You can learn about what each state has to offer here). Also, there are tons of food trucks sharing local New England food.

New England Brewery Trail: There are so many unique breweries in Western MA. With many different kinds of beers to try. You can follow the map to all the Brewarys in Western, MA. You can do as much or as little of this trail as you want.

Sunflower Field: There are a few Sunflower fields smattered around Mass. Each one charges to visit their field; however, one, in particular, gives the money to Emerson Hospital pediatrics. It is so nice to do good while having fun taking pictures and exploring the fields.

Apple Picking: There are tons of places to go apple picking, but Lookout Farm has a cider brewery. So after you go apple picking, you can relax with a Cyder. This is the perfect way to spend a fall day.

Salem Ghost Tour: Witch City Walking Tours has a history and ghost walking tour. They give you interesting facts about Salem and spooky stories to send shivers up your back.

Grave Yard Tour: Take a spooky tour through the historic graveyards in the city of Boston. Learn about the famous residents of Boston and all about their resting spots.

Thanksgiving at Plymouth Patuxet Museum: Have Thanksgiving as the first settlers did. This is a unique experience that you can only do at the Plymouth Patuxet Museum. If you want to do this, Make sure you make a reservation far in advance. This does sell out.

Snow Mountain Auto Toll Road: This is a 4.5-mile drive with amazing views. One of the best times to go is during the fall when you can take in all the foliage along with the views. It does cost some money to get in, but it is so worth it.