5 Tips on How to Become Fearless

We all have fears. For each of us, our fears are different but, we all have them. We need to figure out how to overcome them and how to become fearless. Even I have them. I am scared of falling on my face, I am scared of rejection, and I am also scared of falling like from high up places. I fell off a seesaw and hit my head on a rock when I was a kid; ever since, I have been afraid to fall and hurt myself.

Me walking in front of hydrengeas
All of these photos are of me getting out of my comfort zone and being more fearless.

Like falling on my face and getting a rejection, I have been working on these and my other fears over the past year. How am I doing this, you may ask? When I wake up, I look at myself in the mirror and say I am amazing, perfect, and can do anything. I repeat this three times. The more I say it and consistently communicate it, the more it will get ingrained in my brain.

me in a summersault swim suit
I used to be afraid to take photos in a swimsuit. I thought others would judge me. However, I have worked over the past few years and became more confident in my skin enough that I want to take a photo in a suit.

Then after a while, I will start feeling more confident and less fear of falling on my face or rejection. I look at things I have overcome, like putting myself out there on social media. Going on Stories was scary initially; I worried that people would not listen to what I had to say. But, I overcame that, and people did watch my stories.

How to Become Fearless
For a long time, I was nervous about taking photos in public by myself (using a tripod). However, in the past two years, I have become more confident with taking photos on my own.

Overcoming small fears can help you overcome more significant ones. I don’t know if you are like me, but being scared used to get in my head, and I don’t even know that it was blocking me from trying. I know I need to look for a job, but being scared of rejection was in my head. It had been there so long I don’t even realize it was there anymore. It had me saying things like I was busy today I did not have time to look for a job.

Nikki in the frog pond in Boston public garden

Working on overcoming fear is not a process that can happen overnight. It takes time. I am sharing some tips on how to overcome scary things.

Xoxo- Nikki

Five tips on How to become Fearless:
  1. Wake up every morning. Look yourself in the mirror and repeat three times, I am amazing, perfect, and can do anything.
  2. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Do something you never thought you would do
  3. Find an accountability buddy, someone who can help you make sure you overcome that fear.
  4. Listen to other people’s stories about how they overcame their fear. This can give you ideas and motivation.
  5. Be consistent. The more you are consistent with working towards your fears, the more you will overcome them.